Air Pollution Control Case Study

Carbon capture and sequestration is a forefront technology that holds great promise for the power generation industry.  Plant Barry, located in Mobile, Alabama is a CO2 capture and sequestration pilot plant that Southeastern Plateworks helped build along with Advatech and Southern Company.  The carbon from the 25-MW slip of flue gas successfully starting reacting with an amine solvent before being captured and then subsequently compressed into a liquid.

This project highlights Southeastern Platework's ability and experience with fabrication from a selection of ASTM steel alloy common carbon steel, all the way to exotic temperature and corrosion resistant alloys.  Utilizing our 12,500 SF special alloys bay in our Pawnee Facility, we fabricated the CO2 quenchers and absorbers, for Plant Barry.  This totaled approximately 700,000 pounds of specialty steel.  In addition to the stainless grade 304 and 316 used for this project, there were also large quantities of 317LMN, AL6XN, 2205, C276, and alloy/carbon CLAD plate applications.

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