SDA - Spray Dryer Absorbers / "Dry Scrubbers"

SDA dry scrubber Dry scrubbers clean the flue gas introduced into an absorbing tower where the gases are contacted with a finely atomized alkaline slurry. Acid gases are absorbed by the slurry mixture and react to form solid salts which are removed by the particulate control device. The heat of the flue gas is used to evaporate all the water droplets, leaving a non-saturated flue gas to exit the absorber tower. Due to the high heats and erosional properties, dry scrubbers often employ the use of carbon steel alloys such as CORTEN, AR400, and SA387 as well as more common carbon steels. The cylindrical shape of the vessel and the complex nature of the various venturi designs require considerable knowledge in the rolling and fitting of steel plate material and often require some degree of shop trial assembly to verify fitment. SEPW enjoys these complicated projects and has experience fabricating dry scrubbers for several applications.

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