Mining & Material Handling

lime silo fabricated from steel

The Mining and Material Handling industries require heavy plate and mining steel fabrication for structures, equipment, and storage components. Southeastern Plateworks has had the opportunity to fabricate a variety of plate steel components and equipment for the mining and material handling industry throughout the years. Examples of such fabrications include:

  • Bins, Silos, & Hoppers
    • SEPW has fabricated many types of bins, silos, and hoppers directed at material handling. Common products include fly ash silos, slag tanks, and surge bins. These products differ by market application, but remain similar in fabrication. We have the experience to recommend and fabricate for all your material handling needs.

  • Ash Handling Equipment
    • Ash handling from coal-fired power plants has evolved from ash ponds to the dry and wet technologies of today. Southeastern Plateworks has more than a decade of fabricating experience in both fly and bottom ash removal. We have built products ranging from fly ash silos to bottom ash hoppers.

  • Conveyors
    • Most coal-fired power plants of today prefer a continuous ash removal system such as a submerged scraper conveyor. Nearly two-thirds of plants with ash ponds contain dry fly ash systems, while over 90 percent of bottom ash systems remain wet. Plants of today are transitioning away from the ponds and Southeastern Plateworks can fulfill your transition needs.

  • Stacker-Reclaimer Structures

  • Chromium Carbide Overlay Welding

  • Structural Support & Access Steel

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