Industrial Panelized & Modularized Ductwork

assembled duct Ductwork conveys air to and removes air from power plants and other large industrial facilities. SEPW makes ductwork  for many different applications, with size limited only by shipping constraints. Specifically the Company can ship components “over the road” up to 60’ long, 16’ wide, and14’ tall (from ground level) under normal permitting requirements. However, under special circumstances, SEPW has had the opportunity to fabricate and ship components up to 55’ long, 18’3” wide, and 14’ tall, weighing approximately 55,000 lbs., over the road.

Custom Ductwork Specifications

SEPW has the crane capacity and facilities to support high production levels for today’s fast-tracked projects and, over the years, SEPW has shipped thousands of tons of APC-oriented ductwork. Depending on the product mix, panelized versus modularized construction, and design variations, we can produce 1,200-2,000 tons of ductwork per month for SCR, FGD, PJFF, and other APC equipment applications. 

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