Petrochemical Steel Fabrication

Petro-chemical plants include an extensive end-product range. Ranging from both natural gas to petroleum, Southeastern Plateworks has the experience with uncommon and exotic metal alloys that are required for many of the chemical processes in these plants. Our experience with stainless and alloys goes beyond the thousands of tons range. These metals are mandatory for the corrosion resistance required in Petrochemical plants. Whether it be an LNG import/export facility or a hydrogen plant, Southeastern has the experience to fabricate the most complex of projects. Please see our experience below:

  • Stacks

    Southeastern Plateworks has fabricated stacks ranging from as tall as 325 feet to shorter 15 foot stack liners. We’ve worked with common carbon to exotic alloys, all with success. In addition, we have extensive experience with insulated stacks. We have the experience for all your petrochemical needs.

  • Process Ductwork

    Stemming from our experience in the power generation market, our petrochemical ductwork comes from years of direct practice.Our ductwork capabilities include:

    • Round and Square
    • Insulated/Refractory Lined
    • Diameters down to 20” and as large as 30'
    • All metal types: Carbon, Alloys, Stainless
  • Silos, bins, hoppers, and skirts
  • Structural Support and Access Steel

Petrochemical Welding: Before & After Rebuild

t duct expansion joint

petro chem ductwork

Refinery FCC Cyclones

petrochemical cyclone

Petrochemical Rotary Kilns

petro chem kiln

klin for petro chem

Petrochemical Fabrication

petro chem fabrication


refinery fabrication

Refinery Oil Tank

refinery tank

SCR for Sunoco Oil Refinery

scr oil refinery

Industrial Petrochemical Ductwork

t duct welding

petrochemical welding


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