Power Generation Case Study

The ability to handle multi-faceted, complex projects is a strength of Southeastern Plateworks’ which has been demonstrated via the wide variety projects and product types we run year after year. Our group has the expertise to handle multiple large, production-intensive projects, usually running this work through our fabrication bays, concurrent with other detail-intensive projects.

The Kemper County IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) project highlights Southeastern Plateworks' ability to handle a full scope project.  As of early 2015, this 582-MW plant is nearing construction for Southern Company in Kemper County, Mississippi.  It will use a start of the art gasification technology called Transport Integrated Gasification, or TRIG.  This technology uses a combination of heat and pressure to turn the coal into gas, which makes it easier to remove emissions from the exhaust.

For this specific project we handled close to over 6 million pounds of materials, ranging from Structural and Access Steel to crescent-shaped, knocked-down Exhaust Stack sections.  Working for both Nooter Eriksen and Southern Company direct, all of our work was received on time and with no rework requirement.

For Nooter Eriksen, SEPW supplied the tallest steel Exhaust Stacks ever attached to a Power Plant, as well as extensive Stairtower and Access Steel.

Quick Facts (Nooter Eriksen):        

  • Two (2) Exhaust Stacks – 28’ diameter, 325’ tall – 1,327,120 lbs. – shipped ‘knocked-down’ for field erection.
  • Interior Paint: SSPC-SP6 with two coatets High-heat
  • Exterior Paint: SSPC-SP6 with Inorganic Zinc primer.
  • 100 tons of Stairtower and Drum Supports – structural steel, grating, handrails, and stairs – shipped ‘knocked down’ for field erection.
  • Structural Steel Paint: SSPC-SP6, Inorganic Zinc primer, Epoxy topcoat.
  • Handrail and ladders: Safety Yellow.
  • Grating and Treads: Galvanized.

For Southern Company, SEPW supplied over one linear mile of 10-12’ diameter Multiclone Ductwork.  All surfaces were cleaned and coated, with the interior receiving a mix of painted coating, Plastite lining, and hard ceramic refractory lining.

 Quick Facts (Southern Company):

  • Multiclone Ductwork – 10-12’ diameter, 5,000LF +  –2,794,443 lbs. – shipped ‘knocked-down’ for field erection.
  • Exterior Paint: SSPC-SP10 Epoxy Primer with a Polyurethane Finish
  • Interior Paint: SSPC-SP10 Carboline brand Plasite 7159 HAR                                    
  • Interior Lining: Abrasive Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles

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