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Structural Platework/Ductwork Fabrication Processes

The experience and flexibility of our workgroup has provided Southeastern Plateworks with the capability to consistently provide timely and high quality structural steel fabrications and products to our customer base. Following is a general outline of the production processes necessary to generate our platework and structural steel fabrication products.

Platework Detailing
structural platework fabricationStrategic and longstanding partnerships with select steel plate detailing professionals provide for timely and accurate production of RFC-based detail drawings for shop fabrication. Our detailers use the latest AutoCAD and Tekla software to enhance platework, duct, and steel fabrication designs. 

Structural Steel Plate Processing & Fabrication
With a combination of “old world” experience and modern CNC-controlled processing equipment, the front-end processing of our plate and duct fabrication, as well as our structural steel components, allow for expedited handling and fitting key to our high production output and in-process inspections.  

Steel Product Fitting
With our production fitters working in teams with our leadmen and A-class fitters, we are constantly working to improve the overall skillset and capabilities of our structural steel fabricators.

With the capability to weld and inspect nearly every modern weld process utilized for the markets we serve, focus on welding is foremost in Southeastern Plateworks’ process considerations. Whether MIG welding stainless steel ductwork, Flux Core, or Submerged Arc welding heavy Chromoly plate girders utilizing one of our custom, semi-automated gantry welders, all processes are extensively qualified and inspected.  PT, MT, and RT testing procedures are performed in-house by qualified Southeastern Plateworks’ personnel or by one of the local testing agencies.

Structural Inspection
fabrication processAll of the structural steel fabrication processes outlined fall under our established QA/QC program. Our own ASNT SNT-TC-1A Level II inspectors execute a variety of NDE procedures, in house. We maintain a staff of Certified Weld Inspectors who oversee dimension, weld, and paint quality.  Hold points for dimensional inspection, weld inspection, and paint inspection are built into our production time line to assure consistent quality control.

Trial Assembly and Match Marking

When required and often of our own accord, trial assembly and match-marking of large, multi-part components take place at all three facilities as required.  Although not typically required given modern design and detailing practices, special or high-tolerance steel fabrications often benefit from a trial assembly in the controlled shop environment before shipping for site assembly. 

Platework Surface Preparation & Paint
Surface preparation and paint take place at our Pinson Alabama facility with a climate controlled paint bay and exterior blasting facilities. Southeastern Plateworks is well versed in surface preparations from SSPC-SP3 to SP10 and glass bead blasting for stainless cleaning.

Motor Freight Shipping
fabrication inspectionUtilizing a limited number of local  and national freight carriers, we have the capability to ship our fabrications nationwide with over-the-road load sizes limited only by legal shipping limitations.

Barge Assembly & Loading
The Black Warrior Alabama facility expands our capabilities to assemble structural steel, ductwork, and platework modules of great size and weight and for loading and shipment via barge over the Eastern United States' inland waterway system. In the case of barge shipments, assembly and loading takes place in Cordova, AL on the Black Warrior River.

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