Pulp & Paper Steel Fabrication

Southeastern Plateworks has been supplying OEMs in the Pulp and Paper market since our beginnings. We offer the experience and technical abilities to fabricate such projects as log conveyors and debarking drums. Find out below about how multiple offerings in this market.

Pulp & Paper Capabilities

  • Log Conveyors: We have over 20 years combined experience providing OEMs with trustworthy components for log conveyors.
  • Debarking Drums: Debarking drums are responsible for stripping the bark off the timber before it can be processed further. Southeastern Plateworks has successfully fabricated multiple debarking drums and has a solid track record of excellence.
  • Pulp Bleaching Equipment

Pulp & Paper Mill Vat Enclosure

pulp vat enclosure

Log Conveyor Equipment & Process

log conveyor equipment




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