PJFF - Pulse Jet Fabric Filter/Baghouses

steel structure for fab hopper Fabric filters, or "baghouses", remove dust from a gas stream by passing the stream through a porous fabric. A fabric filter unit consists of one or more isolated compartments containing rows of fabric bags in the form of round, flat, or shaped tubes, or pleated cartridges. Particle-laden gas passes along the surface of the bags and then radially through the fabric. Particles are retained on the upstream face of the bags, and the cleaned gas stream is vented to the atmosphere. The filter is operated cyclically, alternating between relatively long periods of filtering and short periods of cleaning. During cleaning, dust that has accumulated on the bags is removed from the fabric surface and deposited in a hopper for subsequent disposal.

Baghouse Ducting Plant

PJFF’s require a great deal of fabricated steel platework. SEPW has extensive experience in the fabrication of both ‘knocked-down’/panelized and ‘modularized’ PJFF components. We have also shipped large PJFF’s fully assembled via barge.  The PJFF casing, manifolds, plenums, bypass ducts, and support steel all require heavy plate and structural steel fabrication. Whether for large power plants or smaller industrial applications, SEPW can be considered a premium supplier of fabrication, painting, and insulation for PJFF projects, nationwide.

Pulse Jet Fabric Filter Barge Loading

pjff loading

PJFF Hopper

pulse jet fabric filter hopper

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