SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction

catalytic reduction air flow straightener SCR technology is a proven and effective method of reducing NOx emissions from coal-fired and gas-fired power plants. During the combustion process, the nitrogen naturally present in the fuel combines with the nitrogen and oxygen in the combustion air to form NOx. Prior to being released into the atmosphere, the exhaust gas is passed through the SCR where the NOx reacts with the catalyst and anhydrous ammonia, converting to nitrogen and water. Selective catalytic reduction removes 80-90 % of the NOx from the exhaust gas of a coal-fired power plant.

Selective Catalytic System

SCR projects typically require a great deal of fabricated steel platework. SEPW has extensive experience in the fabrication of both ‘knocked-down’/panelized and ‘modularized’ SCR components. These would include the SCR housing itself, catalyst supports, outlet hoppers, inlet and outlet ductwork with turning vanes and other appurtenances, tie-in ductwork, and other associated parts. SEPW can also supply the associated structural support steel, painted or galvanized.

SEPW has been fortunate to be a part of several large SCR projects.

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